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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

non-confidence: Public Accounts Committee

First, Hill's amendment passed 153-150 making the motion one of Non-Confidence. Then the motion was passed by the same count.

...The NDP and two Independents (presumably Kilgour & Parrish) voted with the Liberals against the motion.

Two cabinet ministers, Justice Minister Irwin Cotler and Natural Resources Minister John Efford, were not there for the vote.

CPC 99 + BQ 54 vs. Lib 129 + NDP 19 + Ind. 2.

On Harper's subsequent Point of Order, Valeri clings to tenuous arguments stating that it is merely a vote to refer the matter back to committee.

A sad day for Parliamentary democracy!

A few observations:
  • even if Libs had full caucus they still would have lost 153-152.
  • Labrador byelection on May 24 will go Liberal, no question!: 153-153.
  • Wild card is Cadman. He makes it 154-153 if he sides w CPC. Liberals fall!


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