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Monday, January 31, 2005

My Letter to the Editor of the Telegram

Mr. Editor:

Danny Williams has rallied Newfoundlanders & Labradorians like no leader in the province's history. I'd dare to say that includes upping Joey in the fight for Confederation but one could argue that Mr. Smallwood's fight was much harder to begin with.

Recognizing the Prime Minister's weak bargaining position, the Premier went for the throat and refused to let go. Each move was coldly calculated but imbued with more than enough emotion to awaken the nation to the have-not plight, prod the feds into action and capture Newfoundlanders' fighting spirit and steely resolution.

It began with the solicitation and garnering of the commitment from the vulnerable PM, PM, on the hustings; the cause made more sympathetic by treatying with a valuable ally, joining with Nova Scotia; the battle truly joined with headlines of the halt to negotiations and the storming out of the First Minister's conference and finally the Machiavellian coup de grace of lowering the Maple Leaf, denigrating the Federal Finance Minister and bashing the provincial representative in Cabinet.

Pilloried in some mainland columns, most famously by Margaret Wente in the Globe & Mail, the Premier was given his due by other editorialists who recognized the herculean task the province is facing. Now the churlish behaviour can be forgotten, the insults laid to rest and the hatchet buried; in the latest chapter of Newfoundland & Canadian history outright victory can be proclaimed.

Now the truly hard work begins for a province, a nation, an island that prides itself on self reliance, perserverance and pride of place. Then the chasm will finally have been breached and verily, have-not will be no more!

Congratulations to Premier Willams and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.


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