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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

54-40 or fight...

Well, it's now official, history was made when Newfoundland and Nova Scotia made the deal with Paul Martin this past winter. It was the beginning of the end of Canada but I didn't see it coming. The asymmetric federalism has devolved into a cash grab of epic proportions. We will never see tax cuts or small government again and the ties that bind are becoming less and less relevant.

As GG II, Ralston Saul, says, (and, while admiring his intellectual rigour, there's much with which I disagree) nationalism is growing and in Canada that exemplifies itelf as provincialism.

The Feds should look after their constitutional responsibilities, the criminally neglected military being one classic example, and clear the "tax space" for the appropriate levels of government to fund their responsibilities. Anything more leads to excessive political manipulation, bloated, ineffective bureaucracies and faulty public policy.


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